Origin Story

All great movies have a few themes in common: a hero, their rise to glory, the fall from grace, and the inevitable redemption arch that sees them back on top. Is that, then, the case for Canadian poker star Sorel Mizzi? Some would believe that is the case. Me, I just hope the movie is as entertaining as his actual story.

No, there is not a Sorel Mizzi film in the works, at least not one that I know of, so I will nip that rumor in the butt here. What is real, though, is Sorel Mizzi’s redemption arch, which appears to be the result of a lot of personal reflection, introspection, and emotional labor, and we couldn’t be more happy to see this.

So who is Sorel Mizzi? Well, as most of our movie-esque heroes, we’ll have to wait for the origin story. Not a lot is known of the Canadian Poker star’s early life, other than the fact that he enlisted into the military at a young age and that is where he picked up the game of poker. Other than that, he appears to be a very private person in regards to his life outside of the game. So then, what do we know about Mizzi?

According to Debit Card Casino, an online poker guide, Mizzi is a famous online and live poker player who according to some calculations has raked in over $11 Million USD. This nothing-to-everything rise in the poker scene lead Mizzi to be named the Number One BLUFF and PTPR poker player in the World in 2010. Yet this rise to fame and glory was not untouched by scandals. Twice in his career, Mizzi has been accused of cheating and was cast aside briefly among those in the poker community.

Despite the fall from grace, it appears that his story has been ripped straight out of a movie and he is now on his redemption arch. As of 2010, Mizzi has captured the attention of Titan Poker and secured a sponsorship through them. Will this redemption see the Canadian poker star win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, or the European Poker Tour in the near future? We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?